All registered members of the group are entitled to the membership benefits listed below provided such member is active and has been a registered member for at least 6 months. This means, such a member must have all dues as stipulated by the group, fully paid and must be actively involved in all of the group’s activities, except where prior exemption was obtained from the group’s International office. In addition, for a member to be entitled for benefits, such a member must not be guilty of up to three tardiness within one calendar year. etc



Loss of a member: $250.00 per sister. Also, cooking and serving at the funeral ceremony.

Loss of a spouse (husband): $150.00 per sister. Also, cooking and serving at the funeral ceremony.

Loss of a parent (Mum/Dad): $100.00 per sister. Also, cooking and serving at the funeral ceremony.

Loss of blood-related/biological children: $100.00 per sister. Also, cooking and serving at the funeral ceremony.


Wedding of a member: $200.00 per sister

Baby Shower of a member: $25.00 per sister

Graduation of a member: If we are invited, we will cook and spray $20.00 by each member.  Presentation of a gift will be decided by the committee members.

Birthdays: Members will receive a gift from the group. If the member is having a special member party and the sisters are invited, anyone can come with individual gifts.


Admission fees will be subsidized 50% by the group. There will however be a complete review of clarity of school admission. Contact with school through phone call may be made if necessary.


As an active member, if the group has enough income to give a loan without interest, the group will decide how long loans will be paid back without interest. If failed …. Loans can be for car purchase, business, ticket, down payment for an apartment or house move in. When reviewed and approved, members will submit social security number, phone number, driver’s licence and physical address. This member must be in good standing with the group, registered, active and is paying monthly dues.


If a member needs help from $100 – $250 as an emergency need, the committee will review it based on the activities of commitment on this member. This funds will be released within 8 to 24 hours and may not be same amount needed but is based on funds in the account. It might be refundable or forgiven depending on the CEO’s/committee’s agreement.


Sisters True Love Group International will strive to update us on the things that will benefit the group. This will include inviting guest speakers on different occasions to speak on vital issues that could improve our status in life.


Once every 3 months, Sisters True Love Group International will organize a fun day for families which should be an open invitation to every member, our friends, church, families, children, schools, co-workers and the general public. We will look for vendors, location, people who can donate food, drinks etc. to us for entertainment purposes. We might also have a live band and artist for the children.

Once every 4 month, we will be having sisters acting day. This will either be at the hotel (over night), the park or just outside our resident state, just for fun.