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Who We are

Sisters True Love Group International, we lead, inspire and mentor (women) sisters to open up by embracing their individual power, purpose and value, in totality, by owning up as to taking up responsibility for their lives and relationships in any environment.

We work as a team to empower women to live the lives they love, igniting their purpose and passion to make a positive contribution in the world that we live in. We believe this will end fear in a woman’s world.

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Our vision

Our vision as Sisters True Love Group International is to identify with other unique hearts that will have the beliefs and commitments to enhance other people’s lives by respecting, valuing diversity, committed to equality, empowering and supporting the less privileged citizens of our nation especially the motherless children, the elderly, the sick and the poor in general.  We are committed to culture of teamwork, ideology and collaboration in love, unity and peace.

Our Mission

In Sisters True Love Group International we lead, inspire, and mentor (women) sisters to open up by embracing their individual power, purpose and value in totality by taking responsibility for their lives and relationships in any environment. Sisters True Love Group International will work as a team to empower woman to live the lives they love, igniting their purpose and passion to make a positive contribution to the world that we live in. We believe this will end fear in a woman’s world.

What we do

Sisters True Love Group International is very deliberate about empowering women. That is what we are all about. Below are the various activities we are involved in. With these activities we hope to achieve our vision and mission statement. To see what we stand for, click STLGI-WHAT-WE-STAND-FOR link below

Career Empowerment

We search for career opportunities for active members who are willing and ready to change their world. We support each other financially, spiritually, emotionally etc.

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate each active member's birthday every month, showing each sister that they are special, beautiful and appreciated.

Help & Support

Life or death issues as God has made it is inevitable. We will physically, emotionally and be 100% supportive of any event that our sisters may find themselves.

Non-Interest Loans

We give non-interest loans based on our account to active members who might run into financial shortcomings in order to help bring them up back to running their lives. This will be without interest added. Also, in future, we might give more support by giving without refunds based on the levels of need.

Spiritual Support

We have a spiritual department should there be any issue to be prayed or fasted upon. Our prayer warriors or pastors will take it upon themselves to pray for our member that is in need of spiritual upliftment.

Wedding Celebrations

We will participate in weddings celebration of any active member. We will do all the cooking, serving and also have a certain amount of fund that the active member is entitled to. Members will be actively involved all the way.

Mutual Support

Individually we are each others helpers having each others back at all times.

Come Join Us!

Our members have become better by learning how to embrace their purpose and take responsibility for their lives. With these and many more tremendous results in the lives of our members, we will enjoin you to come join us.






Charity Causes



Our Executives

The leadership of Sisters True Love Group International has been steered by these talented and hardworking ladies. By their hard work, talents, skills and experience, the group has been groomed and it is poised for success in the near and far future.

FUTURE EXECUTIVES: All positions , except that of the Founder, will be dissolved by the end of the year. The new executive will be voted in and those vying for positions would be required to formally apply and every position will be based on a yearly term; renewable by reapplication or re-evaluation by the management.

Awadzi Emmanuel

Admin, West

Ifeoma Esther

Praise Worship Leader

Omoteseh M. Afolabi

Personal Assistant to CEO


General Leader, USA

Chituru Hemjirika-Ajibola

Asst. International Admin

Mary Nwala

Int'l Prayer Coordinator

Pastor Bridget Israel

Godmother to the CEO

Fadila Sanni

International Administrator

Dr. Jecinta Hemjirika

CEO / Founder

CEO's Attribute

Our CEO's attribute to all those who have made this project possible.

I pay huge, everlasting attribute and credit to God Almighty whom I will never share His glory with any man. For keeping me focused throughout this years of challenges in my life, my career as a woman, my marriage and kids, though daily beaten down but not destroyed. Here we are, my vision/mission coming alive in this accomplishment, due to this glory. Thank you Lord.

Secondly, to my children and my mother who, despite having to face all these challenges, believed in me so much more than I can ever imagine. Love you guys so much. My mom, Mrs Philomena N. Hemjirika, you are the backbone and I love and appreciate you. Though sometimes I could not say it, I just want to tell the world at large that you are a super mom.

To my wonderful boys, Godswill, Godknows and Godsgift (who has gone to be with the Lord), you guys are my heroes all the way. Thanks for supporting mummy, even when I am overwhelmed, you boys saw the best in me and you believed that I should focus on this vision and mission since it is my life’s fulfillment . Just want to say thank you boys for your caring hearts, love and unity that saw us through the rough times. God bless you boys.

To my mentor, Ms. Stacey Forte, what else can I say, I love you from the bottom of my heart. I thank the Lord for putting you in my path at this time, long live Sisters true Love Group International.

To my family, may the Lord keep us healthy and alive that His glory will be seen in my life and the vision/mission in Jesus’ name. Love you all.

My beautiful, stunning sisters nationwide, especially Houston, TX and Dallas TX, including DC. I hail you all for your endless support. All these because we all shall live to testify his grace and mercy in our group here in Jesus name, Amen. Long live Sisters True Love Group International where nothing matters but true love.

Our Sponsors

We couldn't have achieved our aims and objectives without the help and support of our sponsors. They have contributed to the well being of our society by partnering with our group. We are very grateful to them.